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The  Staplehurst Homeowners Association is made up of all homeowners in  Staplehurst.  All actions of the HOA including how the HOA dues are set,  how the board is elected, the duties of the HOA and the  responsibilities and restrictions on the homeowner are governed by the  HOA covenants.  When you closed on your house you should have been given  a copy of these covenents.  If not you will find a link below to  download a copy.  

The  HOA is managed by the board which is elected by the homeowners at the  annual meeting (usually held in February or March of each year).  The  board members are other homeowners that have graciously agreed to help  keep the neighborhood running smoothly.  

If  you would like to get involved with the HOA or would like to provide  input to the board, please use the Contact Us page on this website which  will send an email to the board.



HOA dues are required  by the deed you signed when you bought your property.  The dues are  assessed annually and run from January 1st through December 31st   The amount of your dues is set annually by the board based on the anticipated spending needs of the HOA for that year.    Historically the dues have ranged from $180 to $240 per year. For 2019 the amount set was $250.

Each homeowner will receive an invoice early in January for the annual dues.  Dues are generally due in full by March 31st of each year but we have several payment plans available to allow you to pay throughout the year if you prefer.  Late fees are assessed on accounts that are overdue.

Payments can be made by check payable to Staplehurst HOA and sent to the PO Box. Online payment is also available.  

To make an online payment you will need to use the link received with your eMail copy of the invoice.  If you did not  receive an eMail copy,,we probably do not have the correct eMail for you in our records.  Contact the treasurer at  to provide the appropriate eMail address and he will send you the invoice and the link.  Payment by credit card is available for a small fee to cover the charges to the HOA from the credit card company.  Contact the treasurer at the link above to enable the credit card payment and explain the fees.

Unpaid dues act as a lien on your property and will have to be  cleared before closing when you sell your property.  By staying current  on your dues you will simplify the closing process if you decide to sell  your property and save yourself late fees while your account is in  arrears.


Board Members


2019 Board

  • Jim Thorton, President
    • Term expires December 2019
  • Lee Hurst
    •  Term expires December 2021
  • Tim Simon, Treasurer
    •  Term expires December 2021
  • Michelle Hahn
    •  Term expires December 2020
  • Samantha Werner
    •  Term expires December 2019 
  • Paul Miller
    • Term expires December 2020
  • Jearl Meeks
    • Term expires December 2021