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About Us

Staplehurst is a neighborhood located on Main Street (96th Street) adjacent to Highway 75 in Jenks, Oklahoma.  The neighborhood consists of 105 lots occupied with single family homes.

Located  just one mile south of Tulsa Hills shopping center and just two miles  west of downtown Jenks, the neighborhood provides easy access to many  services.  The neighborhood is located in the highly esteemed Jenks  School district and is adjacent to the Jenks West Elementary School  complex.

Special Meeting Announcement

Thursday May 30, 2019 at 7:00pm

Tulsa Hills Church

840 W. 81 st Street, 

Tulsa OK 74132

Dear Fellow Resident of Staplehurst,

As you were made aware at the Annual HOA meeting in March, your HOA board has been working on the issue of the perimeter fence over the past couple of years. As a result of the input in our HOA meeting in March, we determined that we needed to make the issue of the perimeter fence a high priority as the lack of clarity on the issue was creating additional problems for our neighbors.

We realize there are many differing views on how to solve this issue and there are many considerations. Some of these considerations are related to addressing limitations in our current covenants and restrictions, considerations of liability, property lines and property rights, uniformity and ultimately the impact on your HOA dues. We have been working to find a "sweet spot" which offers common ground for everyone to agree on.

We are ready to propose a plan to the Staplehurst HOA for approval. Therefore, we invite all homeowners to a Special HOA Meeting on Thursday, May 30 at 7:00pm. 

As this proposal will require decisions about modifying our covenants and will also have a direct effect on future HOA dues or assessments, it is vital to have a strong turnout in order to move forward with the proposal.


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